La Nuit de la Glisse was started at the end of the '70s by a group of visionaries who contributed to the social phenomenon called 'la glisse' (action sports). Over the last thirty years La Nuit de la Glisse has become a benchmark for these kinds of sports. 

Audiences are introduced to emerging sports and witness developments to existing ones through these totally original films, whisking them around the world through sublime landscapes alongside the world’s best athletes. 

From church halls, beachside shrines and conference centres on to the most prestigious theatres in Europe and multiplex cinemas, La Nuit de la Glisse has found a unique place in the hearts and minds of its fans. From 16mm to digital film, its longevity and development have depended on bringing picture quality and the philosophy of man to the big screen. 





Thierry Donard has been passionate about skiing and action sports since he was a boy. He started filming at the age of 12 and made his first ski film the following year. In 1978 he met American director and action sport movie pioneer Dick Barrymore and the encounter would change the course of his life. Thierry worked for ten years with him, learning how to become a filmmaker. At the start of the ‘80s, Thierry joined the company Huiana making action sports films and in 1984 he released his first film under the label “La Nuit de la Glisse” with his group of avant-garde skier and surfer friends. Alongside his sporting activities, in 1988 he created his first feature length 90-minute film dedicated to action sports broadcast in France. He continued with the “Pushing the Limits” series in collaboration with France Télévision between 1989 and 1994 before releasing a new fictional feature film in 1992 inspired by true stories from shooting the TV series. Thierry then relaunched the Nuit de la Glisse series in 1996 with the intention of extending his films to cinema theatres and consolidated his project in 2003 through the label “Perfect Moment Entertainment”. These films are now distributed throughout Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, etc) and for the first time in Australia, NZ, and the entire Asia-Pacific region. 

Nuit De La Glisse Feature Films